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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  12/ABR/2006 6:35 AM
Assunto:  Nem me fale!

How about....


1-Tell me about it!

2-Tell me something that I don't know!

3-You don't say! 

4-No kidding!

5-No joking!

6-You got that right!


8-You're putting me on!



The above eight responses are certainly not all of the responses possible, but they are among the most frequently heard.  The general idea is that the student (who is saying the above) is saying that what the professor is saying is an obvious truth.  All of the above responses are somewhat sarcastic.  Number 3 sounds incomplete, but it's a common expression.  In addition to the aforementioned meaning, it's also used to express surprise upon hearing new information. 


I just won R$1000 in the lottery! 

You don't say!

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