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Autor:  Gilberto Ramos Domingues
E-mail:  gilbertord@hotmail.com
Data:  15/SET/2002 9:29 AM
Assunto:  The car blue ...
Mensagem:  Hi everybody,

Maybe someone can help me.

We all know that adjectives come before the nuon they are modifying. OK, now problems.

The blue car is not there anymore.

Now let´s look at this sentence:

The car blue is not there anymore.

Our first reaction is to mark it with a red pen and ask the student to rewrite the sentence. But, could it not be a case of reduced adjective clause?

The car (which/that is) blue is not there anymore.

My question is:
Is it correct to use a reduced adjective clause in this situation? If not, why?


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 The car blue ...  –  Gilberto Ramos Domingues  15/SET/2002, 9:29 AM
Re: The car blue ...  –  José Roberto  15/SET/2002, 2:09 PM

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