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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  12/ABR/2006 1:51 PM
Assunto:  Drive thru

"Thru" is certainly colloquial.  I don't think the spelling has been widely accepted, at least in formal situations.  I recall a professor criticizing me for using it, saying that the word was commonly found spelled that way, but... nevertheless... 


Does Brazil have "drive through banking"?  It's common in the US.  Many banks have ATMs that are accessible from a car.


In San Bernardino, California, I saw a drive thru video store.  You could place your order over the phone, go to the store, and get the DVD/video through a window while still sitting in your car.  As I recall, I saw drive thru liquor stores in New Mexico.  Somewhere or another I saw some drive thru dry cleaners.  It's very easy to get married in Nevada and Arizona, much easier than in California.  Both states have drive thru wedding chapels.  Drive thru coffee shops are very common.  They specialize in gourmet coffees for motorists.


Why don't we pool our money and start a drive thru English school.  People can sit in their car while they take our English for Busy People course.  Infact, while they are learning English, we can change the oil, fill the gas tank, clean the windows, etc.?  What do you say???

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