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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  14/ABR/2006 7:50 AM
Assunto:  Cut corners

"Short cut" is usually used for travel, but there are times when the expression can be used for work and have the same general meaning as "to cut corners".


A "short cut" is a route that is shorter than the usual, normally used route.  It implies that its condition is probably inferior to the main/usual route.  In the snow, I often parked my car above my house on a level road.  (I lived in the mountains.)  To reach my house on foot, I had two major choices.  (1) I could follow Whispering Pines to Mormon Road, and then walk downhill on Mormon to the house.  (2)  I could follow Whispering Pines to the driveway of my neighbor Charlie's house, walk down his driveway to Mormon Road, and then walk downhill on Mormon to the house.  The driveway entered his property from Mormon and exited onto Whispering Pines.  It saved me a few minutes.  THAT was a short cut.  Oddly, although I was literally "cutting corners", that expression would not be used.  "Short cut" would.


In the example I used of making a part in eight hours instead of the usual nine, you  would have to take some short cuts or cut corners on the work,  If worker "A" did operations #1 and #2, and worker "B" did operations #3. #4, and #5, perhaps a shortcut would be to have worker "A" do all five operations to avoid losing time in taking the parts from worker "A" to worker "B", waiting for worker "B" to begin work on the parts, etc.  THIS is also a short cut.  

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