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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  15/ABR/2006 12:11 PM
Assunto:  Erros de doer

HY - It's difficult to imagine anyone not spelling correctly, "Hi", but Dr. Dre managed.  I congratulate him.


DON'T U SUCK A DICK MOTHERFUCKER? - Dr. Dre probably missed the lecture on punctuation.  On the other hand, the absence of a comma after "dick" is possibly the fault of his English teacher.  My guess is that Dr. Dre has been attending one of those inferior language schools we complain so much.  We really need to raise the standards of language schools.  They are a national disgrace.


I STAYED KNOWING - Dr. Dre's negative transfer at this point has already been discussed by others.  I do not wish to belabor the point.



- I found this quite interesting.  I don't recall having seen or heard "u'll", have you?.  The meaning is quite unclear.  A call for help, perhaps?  Possibly a reference to medication needed but not taken?  Although the full meaning of the sentence remains somewhat a mystery, he is obviously identifying himself as a non-Latin and suggesting he is a native speaker of English.  As they say in the American Southwest, "No way, maguey."


OH..JUST SUCK MY DICK..MOTHERFUCKERS....  -  I won't waste your time with my reaction to his use of "Oh". 


FUCKING FAGGOT...FUCKING LATINS... - I found this rather odd.  Notice that "faggot" is singular" but "motherfuckers" is plural.  Although both words are certainly commonly used by the vocabulary impaired, over the years "faggot" has fallen from favor and has been replaced almost exclusively by more colorful and meaningful terms just as politically incorrect.  Again he wants us to believe that he in not Latin, unless, of course, he is making reference to his slleged sex life and exploits.


I'M FUCKING UR MOM'S ASSHOLE TILL THE DAY I DIE!!!!!! - To a non-native, the use of "mom" may appear normal.  It's not.  Surprisingly, when obscenities are exchanged, the more formal "mother" is preferred hands down.  My dad was a Marine, my brother was a sailor, I sold newspapers as a boy, and I worked among criminals as an adult.  I can assure you, with all due modesty, that I have achieved a certain level of proficiency over the years in the use and recognition of profanity or, as some call it, "potty mouth talk".  "Asshole", of course, is yet another term that is being misused in his posting. 


Although I appreciate a well thought out insult as well as anyone else, Dr. Dre's outburst lacks the zest and clarity that one has grown to expect among such learned participants as those who frequent the Forum.  With study, perserverance, and the right teacher, I'm sure that he will be able to express himself more clearly and succinctly at some distant date.  In the meantime, he may wish to drop the "Dr." from his screen name.  But that is just one man's opinion, and I may be wrong.



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