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Autor:  Lilica
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/ABR/2006 8:25 PM
Assunto:  Translation
Mensagem:  Thank s all of you , specilaly Dale . This song La Bamba is part of  a school project .

Dale your information is very useful and important to me .I  didn’t have this History  as well as Geography background and I found this paragraph while I was searching for some explanation about this song  , so I couldn’t realize that it wouldn’t be faithful. As a matter of a fact ,I’m trying. To make a kind of interdisciplinary project and I was about to ask a History teacher to talk about the  influence of African music  in Mexico ( He would laugh at me ! it’s a pity because I thought it  would be great to add some African influence ).  By the way, I’m going to include in this project the subjects : Spanish ( of course!) , English ( the students are going to make a version of the lyrics and see the film La Bamba in English ) , Portuguese (the teacher is going to show the polissemic meaning of the word Bamba in Portuguese( completely different from Spanish) and the students will listening Ana Carolina’s song Ela é Bamba and discuss about its theme ) . At the end of the project the students are going to make a presentation and perform a dance ( Arts).


Do you have any suggestion how could I include other subjects like Geography , History , science o, Physical Education ? Any other suggestion to work with this song ?

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