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Autor:  Deivis
E-mail:  deivis_fsilva@yahoo.com.br
Data:  19/ABR/2006 11:50 AM
Assunto:  Introducing
Mensagem:  What's up buddies!

You know, it's been a while I've been participating in this site and everyday I learn new words, slang, expressions and so on. I sort of tell everybody I know that I've hit the jackpot concerning sites that you can learn English. And now my very best "hot and hunk" friend (hot and hunk are from him, who is just beside me) is joinning us. Isn't that great?!? I mean if you think that I'm a very enthusiastic student, wait 'till you get to know him. He was my very first teacher, the guy I looked up to most when I started studying English. He's nineteen and already speak Spanish, English, and is brushing up his French. Ok, so much for intruducing here, I'll let him speak for himself from now on.

see you.

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