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Autor:  Marcio Osorio
E-mail:  rec165701@yahoo.com.br
Data:  23/ABR/2006 4:02 AM
Assunto:  Assassin robbers soon die
Mensagem:  Just a note. Assassin robbers almost often die. By their own hands, it seems. Robbers tend to become greedier and greedier over time. Greed generates disputes. Violent ones. So these guys end up ambushing and killing each other in an overall attempt to "take over" the other one's turf. And loot.

You probably know how Rio's druglords do takeovers. Right and left. Everyday. 51% of Rio's non-violent population would rather move than stay.

Não vou falar mais nada. Já se falou muito nisso. A imprensa tá careca de publicar essas notícias todos os dias.

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