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Autor:  Johannes
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Data:  26/ABR/2006 5:47 PM
Assunto:  Reckon 3

Middle English 1395


And whanne he bigan to rekene, oon that ouyte ten thousynde talentis, was brouyt to hym. (Websters )


«and when he began to reckon, one that ought ten thousand talents, was brought to him»

(translation by Johannes)


More from Webster's:

1. Expect, believe, or suppose; "I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel"; "I thought to find her in a bad state"; "he didn't think to find her in the kitchen"; "I guess she is angry at me for standing her up".

2. Judge to be probable.

3. Consider or deem to be; regard; "She views this quite differently from me";

"I consider her to be shallow"; "I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do".

4. Make a mathematical calculation or computation.

5. Have faith or confidence in; "you can count on me to help you any time"; "Look to your friends for support"; "You can bet on that!" "Depend on your family in times of crisis".

6. Take account of; "You have to reckon with our opponents"; "Count on the monsoon".


Source: WordNet 1.7.1 Copyright © 2001 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

Date "reckon" was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1258. 


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