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Autor:  orlando
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Data:  26/ABR/2006 9:59 PM
Assunto:  Abstract

Oi Carla ,
Achei seu "abstract" um pouco confuso.
"Remendei" este, um pouco diferente. Veja se dá para aproveitar algo.

The human nervous system can be classified in accordance with  its anatomy and functionality.
Although each part of the nervous system has specific functions, they are all interconnected and dependent on one another.If one is damaged the others will be affected. A number of diseases can significantly affect the proper functioning of the nervous system ; Alzheimer's Disease is one of them.It damages the brain affecting thought, memory, and language. AD is most common in individuals who are over 60.The incidence of dementia increases rapidly beyond that age.
There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, but a good physiotherapist with an understanding of the social, emotional, behavioural and psychological implications of neurological damage can help to improve quality of life for individuals  over the course of the disease from diagnosis to the end of life.

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