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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  29/ABR/2006 10:00 AM
Assunto:  Fork out vs. shell out vs. lay out

1. Quando podemos usar um pelo outro?

I see no major differences between them.

2. Que diferença existe entre "he had to fork over $5000 to keep the matter quiet" e "... had to fork out $5000..."?


3. Em vez de empregar fork com out como neste exemplo: "not everybody can afford to fork out a premium to get a new car", poderíamos empregá-lo com over no mesmo exemplo?


4. Ainda no mesmo exemplo caberia um shell out? Um lay out?


5. Neste ou em qualquer outro exemplo poderíamos empregar shell e lay com over?

No.  It doesn't sound right to me.

To fork out/over

To lay out

To shell out

(I would not say it, but I would understand "to shell over" to mean "to shell out".  "To shell over" sounds strange to me.  However, "to lay over" has an entirely different meaning,  one quite different from "to lay out".  It's trucker/railroad worker jargon for going to a destination and remaining there for a time while awaiting a job that will take them home again.)

6. Com relação ao exemplo da pergunta nº 3, o que significa "fork out a premium"?

I'd like to know more of the context.  The word premium can have several meanings.  A premium can be a payment (especially for insurance).  Sometimes it's a gift given by a company to a customer (something like "brinde").  It can mean "a large amount of money, a high price".  It can mean "superior product". 

In your sentence, possibly "premium" is jargon, a word that obviously means something to the speaker and hopefully to his listener but may not have such an obvious meaning to someone not a part of the conversation.  Possibly "premium" in the sentence is jargon for a large down payment or even a certificate of some kind needed to buy the car (such as may be the case during war time).  Just reading what you have given to us, I don't understand the meaning of the sentence. 






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