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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  01/MAI/2006 12:08 PM
Assunto:  Idioms

All the expressions are used, but there are some that aren't used very often.  I disagree with some of the definitions.


jerk:  "He's a real jerk."  a stupid person

A jerk is a "chato".  He's not necessarily stupid, but he's not a likeable person.  (John is such a jerk.  He has terrible manners and he is always acting like such a complete fool when girls are around.)


kick in:  "They took up a collection to buy her a gift and everyone kicked in."  pay

"Contribute" is probably a better definition than "pay".  You are not "kicking in" when you pay a bill, but you are "kicking in" when you your part of a bill that others are also paying.  

"To kick in" can also mean "to start" in the sense of a motor or machine starting or a medicine taking effect.  (The electricity came back on and the machines in the factory kicked in.  The patient could feel the drug kicking in as his pain went away."


pink slip:  "He was given a pink slip."  He was fired (dismissed) from his job.

Another definition is a certificate of ownership of a vehicle.  (Do you have the pink slip on this car?  Yes, I am the legal owner of the car.  Here is the paperwork on it.)


red tape:  "It took a long time to get an answer to his question because of the red tape."  annoying official delays

I'd suggest "bureaucracy".  The term "red tape" doesn't necessarily imply delays, just a series of procedures that must be followed. 


turn off:  "Turn off the lights."  put a light out

A "turn off" is also something that you don't like.  It's often used to describe personal relationships, feelings toward other people. 

(When he started to smoke a cigar, it was a big turn off.)


turn on:  "Please turn the radio on.  I want to hear the news."  to make something work; to activate

A "turn on" is also something that you like very much.  It's often used to describe personal relationships, feelings toward other people.  (It was a real turn on to see her in the red dress.)




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