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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  07/MAI/2006 12:51 PM
Assunto:  Civil Service Examination

Is that what "concurso público" is called in English? Or would that be "open competition"? Can I use the word "contest"? I can't seem to understand the difference between "competition" and "contest".

A "concurso público" is not a contest!  A contest is for beauty queens, formula 1 drivers, runners, cuca cooks, etc.  The term I've most heard is "open examination".  This means that anyone with the minimum qualifications can take the exam.  Some exams are only for people already working for the organization.  You would expect, for example, that the exam for police lieutenant would be a "closed exam" or "in-house exam" that was only for people already working as police officers for that department. 



Ex: Vou fazer um concurso para professor do Estado.


Are "solidário" and "solidariedade" respectively translated as "sympathetic" and "sympathy"?

Ex: Vamos ser solidários! Let's be sympathetic??

Devemos mostrar nossa solidariedade para com as pessoas que precisam. We need to show our sympathy towards the people in need??

O povo brasileiro é um povo solidário/tem muita solidariedade.

How can I explain this?  "Sympathy" is a sense of sorrow, empathy, understanding, etc. toward the loss (bad feelings, bad luck, bad experiences, etc.) of another person.  You lost your father.  I am sorry.  I feel sympathy.  It must be a terrible time in your life.  You failed your exam and you can no longer remain in school.  I am sorry.  I feel sympathy.  It must be terrible to know that your dreams will not be fulfilled.  You have to work very hard to support your family.  I sympathize with you because I understand how difficult it is for you to meet your obligations.  I understand your loss and I am sympathetic. 


You and your coworkers are on strike.  I can show my solidarity with you by not buying anything manufactured by your company.  And as things get financially difficult for you, I "can stand by you" (support you emotionally, financially, etc.). 



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