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Autor:  Márcio Osório
E-mail:  rec165701@yahoo.com.br
Data:  09/MAI/2006 8:31 AM
Assunto:  Attention
Mensagem:  A lot. We've got to look at the brain as a muscle that needs (a lot of) flexing. But will it need a lot of food for thought or the other way around?

Some of the things we think of doing do indeed or at least in my mind require some brain calisthenics ("brainsthenics"). A-ha! A new word! I knew I had this one coming, only I didn't know when it would come.

Okay, I have an advice to the young-at-heart learners of English. Do a search on the forum's previous questions before posting your question. 100% of the time someone else may have posted the same question a week ago, two months ago, and even three or four years ago, and still come away from there quite satisfied with the answers to their pleas.

Now let me do my brainsthenics, you Brainiacs.

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Attention  –  Deivis  09/MAI/2006, 6:10 AM
 Attention  –  Márcio Osório  09/MAI/2006, 8:31 AM

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