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Autor:  Tiago T.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/MAI/2006 9:44 PM
Assunto:  Huff-n-puff
Mensagem:  Encontrei duas definições para huff and puff, mas ainda não entendi sua frase. Aí vão as definições:

[IDIOM] huff and puff (informal)

1. To breathe in a noisy way because you are tired:
Jack was huffing and puffing to keep up with her.

2. To make it obvious that you are annoyed about something without doing anything to change the situation; Make noisy, empty threats; Bluster:
After much huffing and puffing, she finally agreed to help.

This expression uses two words of 16th-century origin, huff, meaning "to emit puffs of breath in anger," and puff, meaning "to blow in short gusts," and figuratively, "to inflate" or "make conceited." They were combined in the familiar nursery tale, "The Three Little Pigs," where the wicked wolf warns, "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down"; rhyme has helped these idioms survive.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms

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