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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  16/MAI/2006 8:18 PM
Assunto:  Huff-n-puff to Dale

You ignite me and I'll ignite you

If you light me, I will induce a drug-related feeling of well being in you


And once all the sheets burn, baby

And after all the sheets of rolling paper are burnt, sweetheart

I've got some more bambu

I have more Bambú rolling paper for you

And when the smoke clears

And when the smoke is gone

Lady, still my eyes focus on you

Lady, my eyes will still be on you

Huff-n-puff some of my funk stuff

Smoke some my marijuana with its strong smell

Prove my point that I am the joint,

Prove that I am a cigarette containing marijuana

you know I'm the joint

You know that I am the cigarette containing marijuana


A joint (marijuana cigarette) is talking to a woman.  He is asking her to smoke him.  (Think of the lyrics of "Light My Fire", and old song by The Doors and José Feliciano.)  He is using a pun, a play on words, when he says that if she ignites him, he will ignite her.


The cigarette is made from sheets of special paper called "rolling paper".  Often it's referred to in the plural:  "papers" or "rolling papers".  The best rolling paper in the world is called "Bambú".  The word is Spanish because the company is Spanish.  I think it's been making cigarette paper since the 1700s.  You'll find mention of it in the old Cheech and Chong movies.  "Zig-Zag" is very well known brand of rolling papers, but the glue comes from animal products.  The glue found in "Bambú" comes from the acacia tree.  I have no idea why this is of any importance to someone under the influence of marijuana.  Does a drunk care that his cachaça comes from sugar cane that was grown without fertilizers and pesticides?  I doubt it.


Huff-n-puff = Huff and puff  (this refers to exhaling and inhaling) 


Funk = something with a strong (usually bad) odor or smell.  Clearly the joint of marijuana is talking about the smell of marijuana. 


Stuff = this is a very unspecific word that means "things".  It's something like "troços".  (Get your stuff off the table.  He learned a lot of stuff at school.  The backseat of my car is full of stuff.)  Here "stuff" clearly means marijuana. 





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