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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  19/MAI/2006 9:34 AM
Assunto:  Beyond my ken

beyond my ken

Beyond my area of knowledge 

Not widely used.  I'd never heard of it until I read your post.  If you do a "Google", you'll find few hits.


this rape has turned in to a murder

This crime (of rape) has become a murder

The victim has died.


to know somebody inside out.

To know someone extremely well. 

Can also be used with objects or fields of study.  "He knows the engine of the VW Bug inside and out."  "He know the penal code inside and out."  "She knows geometry and algebra inside and out."


clear the hurdles.

To overcome obstacles 

A "hurdle" is a "barreira" that runners must jump over.  "Hurdles" can be any kind of problem, challenge, etc. that prevents people from acheiving success.  "He had to overcome/clear many hurdles in his  journey from the favela to the city hall, but he is now the mayor of a large city and doing a wonderful job."  "Before I could open my business, I had to obtain several licenses and permits, find the right staff, rent an office, study the market, etc.  There were many hurdles, but I cleared/overcame them all.  Now I am the owner of a new business."



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