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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  23/MAI/2006 9:57 AM
Assunto:  Doggies = homies = friends. No?

I've never heard "doggies" used that way.  From the lyrics, it's probably slang used by the very young.  At my age, I don't get invited to their parties anymore.


Cowboys called cattle "doggies".  A "dogface" is a soldier (popular during World Way II).  So a "doggie" is also a soldier.  Feet are sometimes called "dogs".  (I've been on my dogs all day and I am exhausted.)  A "dog" (also "bear") is an ugly girl.  I've also heard it used to mean "poor quality, disappointing" etc.  I don't recall the title in Portuguese, but a few years ago a move came out called "dog fight".  It was about a bet made by some young men.  The winner was the guy who took the ugliest girl to a bar.  Possibly the main actor was River Phoenix.


"Fred Segal", I just learned, is a clothing store.  Possibly the name comes from a beautician. 


I'm not telling you anything new when I say that slang varies widely from age group to age group, region to region, and even race to race.  The San Fernando Valley is north and slightly west of Los Angeles.  It's commonly called simply "The Valley".  Several years ago someone noticed that their daughter had returned from a visit with cousing living in the valley she was speaking "Valleyese".  A record was made with lyrics in "Valleyese".  I only recall a few of the expressions.  I remember that "gnarly" meant handsome, "tubular" meant "wonderful", etc.  "For sure" was also a popular way to end a sentence.

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