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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  dale.thomas@hy.com.br
Data:  26/MAI/2006 1:42 PM
Assunto:  reel off

'Allen, you're tearing me apart. You're a barracuda. Allen, eating me up with your tongue,' he laughed, contemptuously, and reeled off  into a drunken bear-like dance with


e começou a dançar comigo como se fosse um urso bebêdo numa dança alegre, exagerada e quase fora de controle 


, as Ginsberg recalls 'his big pants falling down halfway from his behind'.


(reel = uma dança velha, muito alegre e exagerada)

I think the dance was English but became popular in the USA.  It's still danced by "square dancers" and others interested in traditional folk dances.

 My attempt :
Allen , você está me detonando. Você é como uma barracuda . Allen , comendo -me com sua língua/boca (??) . ele riu  desdenhosamente ....


(To reel off has another meaning.  It's used to describe a long list of something (names, complaints, facts, etc.) given quickly and from memory.

When I asked him why he wasn't going to New York, he reeled off a dozen rationalizations why he was needed at home and couldn't possibly travel.)


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