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Autor:  Márcio Osório
E-mail:  rec165701@yahoo.com.br
Data:  28/MAI/2006 7:03 PM
Assunto:  Arder, espuma...

<<How can I say that a "bala arde a boca" and "espuma de cerveja"?>>


"Wow! This stuff tastes so icy-cold my mouth and my throat went numb!"


<<Would it be "this gum is hot" and "beer foam/froth"?>>


"Damned icy-cold-North-Pole gum! It knocked out my mouth and my throat!" (Yeah, I had to turn on the "Kick-O-Meter" for this one." (Chutômetro)


Knock the foam off your glass of beer. Knock the beer foam off. "Beer foam" gets said a lot.


<<How can I say that "minha casa ficou sem luz ontem à noite"?>>


"A local power shortage knocked out all the lights in my house"


Other will distinctly offer better sentences right off the Bureau of Better Sentence.





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Arder, espuma...  –  Alexandre  28/MAI/2006, 1:30 PM
 Arder, espuma...  –  Márcio Osório  28/MAI/2006, 7:03 PM

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