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Autor:  Maria Valeska
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/JUN/2006 10:42 AM
Assunto:  Correção de abstract

Minha sugestão:

In this paper, we point out the importance of being in touch with the real market that all students will face as soon as they graduate. We analyse not only the difficulties and challenges that are involved in the process of creating an advertising agency, but also its introduction in the Brazilian ad market. This study also presents a deep look into the world history of communication, that played an important role to lead the newborn agency to success.
The project involves: the elaboration of a detailed business plan; a releasing campaign for the brand new agency; the organization and administration of income, paying special attention to taxes and tributes related to an agency; the marketing strategies; and many other aspects an entrepreneur must be aware of. The methodology included, in addition to all the theoretical studies, interviews with young professionals from the communication field. Those interviews showed us the right way to move and guided the group during the choice of our communication strategies and market position.
Espero ter ajudado,

Maria Valeska

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