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Data:  10/JUN/2006 11:30 PM
Assunto:  To feel like



but the question remains..if you consult Cambridge Dictionary, you will find:


feel like sth
1 to have a desire for something, or to want to do something, at a particular moment:
I feel like (going for) a swim.
I feel like (having) a nice cool glass of lemonade.
"Are you coming to aerobics?" "No, I don't feel like it today."




So, this means that the verb is optional... but when it comes to my sentence "I feel like a fat person when I wear loose clothes", I don't mean to express any desire... on the contrary, I mean that "I feel as if I were fat"... OK, I know that "feel as if" would suit it, but I still doubt if "feel like fat" would be fine.


Thank you.

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