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Autor:  sean
E-mail:  nobsfrombahia@yahoo.com.br
Data:  26/JUL/2006 11:24 AM
Assunto:  CCAA
Mensagem:  I´ve taught at ccaa, wizard, fisk, skill, ect. ect.  the only one I got any resuts  in one semester was at wizard. The students were at least forming phases and not repeating like parrots at ccaa. How can you learn to think in a language before you can communicate in it?  If you want really fast results, studying a couple hours a week you need to translate. Unfortunatly ,wizard was weak in grammar, verbs and translation.  What also happened is they got greedy like ccaa and started useing bull shit advertising. Good education starts with being honest with the students and not bullshiting them.  For 10 years I´ve been useing my own material in Ilheus, Itacare and now Salvador with superior results useing translation but emphasizing verb, grammar and commonly used vocabulary and phases. But without promising anything. a language needs to be practiced, if not, you lose it. I do give a guarantee though.  If the students is not satisfied 100% with the results or the teacher or book in one month the don´t pay anything. so far no complaints.  NO BS

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