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Autor:  Syon
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/AGO/2006 9:50 AM
Assunto:  P/ Revoltado

Hi everyone,



   As mentioned before my intention was not to raise the issue "W and its branches...Kill ´em all". Not at all my dear colleagues. I´ve been teaching at the school you know, and I haven´t  been having the time of my life working there...But just because I´ve been working there, it doesn´t mean I cannot be one to bring students to light when it comes to talking about "learning".

  Again, take my word for it, I DO NOT represent anybody from the W school and I utterly disagree with the way the real professional ones have been treated by this holding. But what makes me feel sick is when someone says that the ones who work there are "half mouth", parrot and the like... Some of us studied really hard to become the professionals we´ve become, and like everyone is this democratic forum where, no doubt, I´ve been learning a lot from all the information posted, we (professionals who work you know where) deserve respect when it comes to talking about our professionalism.

  I´ll be here to learn, and if possible, share and discuss with all of you. I´m here as an open-minded teacher who is willing to give my best to the ones we are all here for...our students.



Best regards to all of you EMBers, and I would like to include myself in this acknowledged learning environment.



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