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Autor:  SYON
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/AGO/2006 8:41 AM
Assunto:  to Deivis

Hi Deivis!



    What´s up (there should have a question mark here, but this pc doesn´t help that much LOL). I get your point buddy. I do understand there are quite nice people out there willing to help, and I also understand when some people post messages mentioning not very good things about those who work at W. Take my word for it...I do it all the time too. In my poor opinion some W school´s teachers should work as salesman, engineer, banker, typist and the like...But not at all as teachers.

   Once a COORDINATOR asked me "do you can...(there should have a question mark here, but this pc doesn´t help that much LOL)" Guess how I had to stop myself not to "burst into" an enormous laugh.

   Let´s forget the small talk and discuss what is important. If you get news about good ways to make my students life easier...post me, I´ll thank a lot pal. That´s all for a while.


Best regards,








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