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Autor:  Miguel Vieira
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/OUT/2002 5:10 PM
Assunto:  /TH/ Sound
Mensagem:  Hello Ricardo, I have a question for you specifically. I know that the tongue's position while attempting to make a /TH/ sound is interdental. My question however is: if the tongue's position is interdantal while attempting to make the /TH/ sound in words such as THAT, THEY, THOSE, THESE, etc, would the attempted sound be otherwise at all. In other words, if one tries to utter the word 'That' and his/her tongue is between the teeth, would he or she ever produce the /dat/ sound instead of the proper /TH/ sound of 'That'? I hope I wasn't too confusing... I would really appreciate a reply from you. -Miguel Vieira

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