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Autor:  mrobertson
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/SET/2003 8:25 AM
Assunto:  Re: prep.
Mensagem:  Sorry to Carmen (and perhaps others) Scusa me - as Jose suggested i was getting pissed off that it was taking me so long to decipher Port (my problem and i got no right to complain - ok ok) - if it was italian i could carve it but i gotta work so hard to get the sense/meaning out in Port (i've never studied or spoken it) i latched on to the fact that the original post came in english (though imperfect) and overstated my position (yet again) - i saw that someone had mentioned this issue before - it is a site for learning english, no? i just hope occasional insights compensate in part for any of the grief my posts (and those of my known aliases-partners in crime) cause please please pretty please - perdonna me??!! i promise to concentrate on language stuff (esp verb structure) from here on in ... phew waddaya reckon, Carmen? e' possibile? frsh start new leaf driven snow brand spanking....

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