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Autor:  Wagner
E-mail:  wanjos@yahoo.com
Data:  30/SET/2003 10:53 AM
Assunto:  National Public Radio
Mensagem:  For those of you who want to practice listening skills and get up to date on the latest news, check the National Public Radio's website http://www.npr.org/ . They have top quality programming with live audio streams and audio archive files. The 'All Thing Considered' program is remarkably interesting due to the diversity of topics covered. For a taste of what you'll find there listen to the following report: Brazil Cowboy Culture Sept. 4, 2003 http://www.npr.org/features/feature.php?wfId=1419709 People in Brazil's cities have long looked down at folks in this country. But now American-style country-western culture is becoming more popular for city and country folks. NPR's Martin Kaste visits a rodeo festival in the country to see what it's all about. All the best, Wagner

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 National Public Radio  –  Wagner  30/SET/2003, 10:53 AM
Re: National Public Radio  –  Ricardo - EMB -  30/SET/2003, 11:14 AM

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