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Autor:  Bruno Kober
E-mail:  bkober@terra.com.br
Data:  05/OUT/2003 9:43 PM
Assunto:  MODALS - Answer to JOSÉ ROBERTO
Mensagem:  Hello José! I'm sorry for taking so long to answer, but here I am! Yes, grammar itself can seem boring to some, and unfortunately I'm surrounded (in fact, we are) by these people. Well, not to be done, only to teach. Grammar is not only concerned about the maenings that put-together words convey, but the strucutre on which theses facts / meanings are based. So, linking grammar to semantics, and why not to morphology and phonetics itself, is a good way to achieve a better outlook of the language. Well, Id stated that grammar seemed incoherent to me. Yes, I still keep this. I've bought kinda ten good grammar (yes, unfortunately the last one i did - THE GRAMMAR BOOK - cost me 200 bucks! I've haven't had lunch since then! hehehe) that simply don't agree on themselves. Whereas one call certain structure as X, the other is going to state that the same structure is called Y, but X is also used. Then, you go after another one, and there it's read that the name off this structure is W, but Y is also used, while X is completely wrong. Well, you can see that regards the function of SUBJECT COMPLEMENT. one can call this as SUBJECT PREDICATIVe, or even a SUBSTANTIVE (believe it or not, I have already seen this name!). Don't remember exactly where it was and what it was, but it was stated like that. Well, I know that the name itself is noit going to intefere onto the meaning the structure has, but it disturbs me a lot... Portuguese one is more unified, isn't it? About my syntax course, in fact it was a kind of 'extension project" at university. I study letras at UFRGS and, realizing how GRAMMAR is a great lack there, I decided to call some teachers along and set some good discussions towards this more 'linguistic' views. it's helped us a lot. Grammar is wonderful. Everything makes sense, since you have one in mind - i mean, not to get dizzy with all the differences I've quoted. Well, about GET. Gee, what a verb! I could say that this is a full verb in its more widespread use. but of couse, I see your inquiry. I could also say that this verb has a CAUSATIVE meaning, is sentences as I HAD MY HOUSE PAINTED. Then, you are not doind the action itself, but realizing the action done by somebody else. Now, I ask you: could we define GET as an auxiliary verb when it's used in the passive voice insetad of BE? How would you classify it in a sentence like SHE GOT BORED? Well, first of all, would you consider such sentence a passive one? You go first, then I give my points. I wouldn't consider the sentence "I have bought a pen." as describing a state, but an action. Since it was an action some time in the past, it is still described as a state by the use of PRESENT PERFECT. I mean that the modals convey a state whenever i say something like YOU MAY LEAVE NOW inferring a sense of permition out of this, and so on. Well José, write me asap, so that we can keep in touch over that, ok?: bruno / poa

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 MODALS - Answer to JOSÉ ROBERTO  –  Bruno Kober  05/OUT/2003, 9:43 PM

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