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Autor:  Bruno Kober
E-mail:  bkober@terra.com.br
Data:  05/OUT/2003 9:59 PM
Assunto:  MODALS - Answer to PAT
Mensagem:  Hello dear PAT! Well, maybe my description of incoherent (concerned to grammar, as i stated) is a litlle lackful. I mean that grammarians are incoherent, not the grammar itself. They are not the rulers, are they? So, following that, they realize the language however they want, and it can be done as opposed to another view, the view of - maybe - the grammarian we are used to hearing from. But inconsistent... well, this i don't think so. Like the PORTUGUESE one, ENGLISH grammar is a thought-provoking strucutre-based way to develop one's language. Its rules are well explained, and it seems very clear for anyone who want to try it. Depending on with what you study, it really is, don't you agree? Yes, I think every verb taken alone is empty, lacking in meaning. But put along with a whole sentence, it becomes meaningful, except for the auxiliary ones. What I'm trying to say is that an auxiliary verb itself lack in meaning. But the difference exists when you think about an auxiliary verb in a sentence taking part of a tense building. then, what is meaningful is the idea the whole tense conveys, not the auxiliary itself. Was I clearer? For this reason, I would say that CAN (euther alone or past of a sentence) is more meaningful than DID alone (of couse, taking DID not as a full verb, but as an auxiliary one). However, when you say SHE DID HER HOMEWORK, you are going to convey a past idea (DID = PAST SIMPLE AUXILIARY). But here, the sense / meaning is being given by the tense structure itself (AUX + VERB), not by the auxiliary alone.... Well, this is myyyyyy very point of view... maybe i'm not so right... Well, would like to haer from you soon" Bruno / poa

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