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Autor:  Augusto
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/OUT/2006 2:10 PM
Assunto:  to Pat, podres poderes



The bottom half of americans or the nation's poor had they moved to another country these days and they would come back to their home country and kiss the ground as in gratitude for the United States of America.


The USA is indeed a country of opportunities for all as fas as one is a U.S. citizen or a legal resident it is possible to become wealth off in the USA throught hard work, honesty and a variety of other principles.


A poor high school graduate can get a job right after graduating from HS and can get grants, federal aids, etc. though his wages may be meager the society has all the means to provide help for the youth who want to get ahead in their studies.


Another point is violence; urban violence has just become a trivial thing in Brazil.


It's the poor robbing and stealing from the poor, and it is the banrupt lower middle-class scaming the upper middle-class.


The super rich in Brazil don't care, if their imported car gets stolen their insurance company will provide for their financial loss.


It's the battered brazilian lower middle-class who struggles the most to make ends meet.


Talk to the brazilian guy who has just reached his 40th birthday and if he hasn't the best of education and a vast experience in a broad field of knowledge he is goingo to be just another person declaring himself as unemployed.


America on the other hand has a flexibility that is very uncommon in the world when it comes to the workplace.


A guy, an american guy or a legal resident can just get out on the street, make a few phone calls and if they are proactive they may come back home in the end of the day with about a hundred dollars in the pocket gained from laboring for somebody else.


Nope, that's not the same in Brazil.


What about food stamps? What about WIC?


What about tax returns?


Man, consider yourself blessed for being a U.S. citizen.


The problem with America is that the poor have fallen accostumed to getting their food ready on their plate.


The poor in America didn't prepare for a fast changing market place.


But still, America is yet the country where a simple Joe can decided to be a millionaire and he can reach that goal.


In Brazil too, one can decide to become a millionaire but that just ins't attainable as it is for the America.


Even yourself, if you plan really well, work really hard, pay off your mortagage and your debts you too can be a millionaire by the time you reach your retiremente age.


In Brazil we fear that the government will once again seize all the money in the bank accounts as Collor has done in early 1990.


For your retirement you have the 401K, the IRAs, the Roth's, and a variety of other investments that even the poor can make use of.


In Brazil the poor don't even qualify for a bank account, personal checks are a luxury just for the middle-class.


Banks are very affraid that if they give checks for the poor there will be a whole lot of checks being written without sufficient funding.


Bottom line is that poor americans have become crying babies because they were used to having everything handed down to them, they could have only one job and they could stay in that job untill retirement but I have news for them, times have changed and times have changed fast.


They the poor in America not to move out of America because if the american poor can't make it in America they won't make just anywhere else.





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