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Autor:  carolina
E-mail:  carolzevisq@ig.com.br
Data:  08/OUT/2003 3:19 PM
Assunto:  Correção
Mensagem:  Gostaria que vocês olhassem um texo que eu fiz, e me dissesem se há alguma correção a ser feita! Obrigada!

Monster Inc.

The famous monster Sulley, and his assistant Mike working in Monster Inc., the biggest shout company in the Monstropolis city. Their principal fountain of energy in the world of the monster is the shout of the children. They believe who the children are toxic.
One day, a little child overrun in monster world, because one the partner was doing a fraud, to get more point, and the children finished with Sulley.
Sulley and your friend Mike, tried a lot to put the girl in your would, but looked so difficult. Had a lot of problems, the fabric can’t know that, or Sulley and Mike were unemployed. That is a very complicate situation.
Sulley’s boss found everything and Sulley e Make was exile. When the girls was with Sulley’s boss, she was in danger, because he is going to kill the child, for don’t cause a problem for his company.
Finally, Sulley got the girl, before Sulley’s boss child her, and put she in her house. Sulley and Mike opened the Monster Inc. of a different mode. Now, they going to do the children laugh to get energy.

Another Final
Sulley decide raise the little girl in your word. It is going to be a fantastic experience, a human girl in the monster world. The child loved the idea and showed to the monster many things of her world.

The best part
I like the part when Boo going to fight with her monster Randall and she doesn’t be afraid of him. In there part she saw who she is stronger than Randall.

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 Correção  –  carolina  08/OUT/2003, 3:19 PM
Re: Correção  –  Lucas  08/OUT/2003, 4:11 PM

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