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Autor:  Lucas
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/OUT/2003 4:11 PM
Assunto:  Re: Correção
Mensagem:  The famous monster Sulley, and his assistant Mike work in Monster Inc., the biggest scream company in Monstropolis city. Their main source of energy in the monster world is children's screams. They believe children are toxic. One day, a little child got to the monster world by mistake, because one of the monsters was cheating in order to score more points and the child ended up with Sulley. Sulley and his friend Mike tried hard to bring the girl back in her wold again but it seemed really difficult. There were lots of problems. The company's owner is not supposed to know what's happening or Sulley and Mike would get fired. That is a very complicate situation. Sulley’s boss found out about everything and Sulley e Mike were fired. Then the boss took the little girl and she got in real danger, because he wanted to kill her not to put the company in danger. Finally, Sulley rescued the girl, before Sulley’s boss killed her, and put brought her back to her house. Sulley and Mike decided to open Monsters Inc. in a different way: by using children's laugher as a source of energy.

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Correção  –  carolina  08/OUT/2003, 3:19 PM
 Re: Correção  –  Lucas  08/OUT/2003, 4:11 PM

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