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Autor:  Lucia
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  11/OUT/2003 4:18 PM
Assunto:  Re: do swimming
Mensagem:  José, I've never heard 'do swimming'. I guess this is Portuguese in English (fazer natação) If the name of a sport or activity ends in -ing we often use it with the verb TO GO: 'I go swimming twice a week.' Typical sports and activities with this pattern include GO SKIING, GO SAILING, GO RIDING (BrE) or GO HORSEBACK RIDING(AmE) and GO DANCING Other sports and activities can take the verbs TO DO or TO GO TO: 'I DO aerobics once or twice a week.' 'I go to judo (=to my judo class) on Mondays.' You can DO SPORT (BrE) 'Do you do a lot of sport?' ...or you can PLAY SPORTS (AmE) 'We played sports together when we were kids.' But these verbs are not used very often. It is more usual to talk about BEING GOOD AT SPORT/SPORTS 'Are you good at sport(BrE)/sports(AmE)? You shouldn't also say 'practise' sport if you mean that you do or play it. Say; 'I love sport/sports.' not 'I love practising sport.' Practise is used only if it means 'to train' 'The team is practising for its big game.' Regards Lucia

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