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Autor:  Camy
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/OUT/2003 11:22 PM
Assunto:  Alguem me ajuda, por favor
Mensagem:  Oi gente
Estou precisando traduzir este texto para quinta feira a tarde, como é uma linguagem meio técnica, nao consegui achar todos os termos direito....

Lá vai....
The seven components of Brand Equity

Brand Permeation: a weighted combination of brand and advertising awareness and availability (i.e., distribution )

Brand Distinctiveness: a weighted combination of measures that indicate brand differentiation, uniqueness, and superiority.

Brand Quality: an overall assessment of the brand as a whole and its line extensions in terms of its overall reputation for quality of product or service.

Brand value: A weighted combination of measures that reflect the extent to which the brand delivers what buyers pay for – often known as “price – value”

Brand Personality: The extent to which the brand’s image is congruent with who the buyer is or wants to be.

Brand Potential: The extent to which consumers will pay more for , go out of their way for, or are willing to try this brand’s new products, services, or line extensions.

Competitive Inoculation: The extent to which the consumer would stick with the brand in times of adversity or competitiveness.

A model of the Determinants of Brand Equity for a Motor Oil

Mix Factors Brand Perceptions Brand Equity Factors Overall Equity
Channel Availability Added Miles per Gallon
Share of distribution Engine Protection Distinctiveness
Mass Media Engine Runs Like new Perceived quality
Direct Marketing Interval between drains Value BRAND EQUITY
Public Relations Performance
Enhancement Permeation
Web Site Price Value Brand Personality
Promotions Purity Competitive Inoculation
POP Messages Racing
Heritage Brand Potential
Product Characteristics Recommended by experts

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 Alguem me ajuda, por favor  –  Camy  21/OUT/2003, 11:22 PM
Re: Alguem me ajuda, por favor  –  Camy  24/OUT/2003, 3:37 PM

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