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Autor:  Met. Amb.
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Data:  23/OUT/2003 11:37 AM
Assunto:  Re: Checkbook
Further to the earlier points:

One metamorphose ambulante suggests that this point exemplifies a divergence between Brit. and Amer. English

While not claiming to be an expert in these matters, I have noted a contrast between the use of cheque (BR) and check (AM) to refer to an order to a bank re an account

So there is an initial level of confusion – checkbook being a bound series of such orders

When one considers the other meanings of the word check (in a mostly trans-Atlantic sense) then a further complication enters the equation

· in chess - checkmate etc;
· sudden arrest of motion;
· pause;
· identification token;
· counter at cards;
· cross-lined pattern;
· assessment to secure accuracy; and
· loss by hounds of scent in hunting!)

Only one of these meanings appears relevant

Checkbook (in the sense of control for accuracy) implies a record used to monitor appointments or some other activity .. literally a book with which to check things

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