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Autor:  Fabio Araujo
E-mail:  bibiuaraujo@yahoo.com.br
Data:  23/OUT/2003 12:28 PM
Assunto:  Thank you guys!!!
Mensagem:  Hi folks from EMB! I would just like to express my admiration about the excellent job that you guys develop. Some weeks ago I was surfing on the net and I found your web site. I think I've spent almost one week going through all the content, which in my opinion its very interesting. I've printed almost all the pages. Lots of interesting tips and explanations... Very nice indeed... One of the things that I've found best, was the theory of language acquisition and language learning, because it explains just what I fell about "my English". I have been attending to English classes for almost three years and if you ask me about grammar points like "what is the construction of past perferct?" or "when I have to use the present continuous?" I would say "I have no idea!" hahahahah. Hearing this, most people (including my teachers) would say that I've been sleeping during my English classes hahahaha, but the point is: "What is interesting to me? Learn the English grammar or learn how to communicate in English?" Of course I should try to learn both, but for me this is impossible. I hate grammar, even the Portuguese grammar. So that's what I do, when I want to communicate in English... I just try to remember of things that I've read and listened in some place and I put everything together... Language Aquisition in other words. Of course you will find grammar and spelling mistakes on my texts, but in general its quite possible to understand what I mean. So for me it was a relief to know that some people like you guys, stimulate this kind of learning... The "natural way" of learning. At the English schools I've studied (Wizard, CNA and now Wall Street), I'm famous for being a trouble maker, because when I dont agree with some method or some excercise I refuse doing it. And it happens a lot. I feel sick about English schools that treat the students as machines. They behave as though students were all the same thing, you know? The same method has to be used for everybody and its supposed to improve everybody's English. But I disagree. How can one expect all people to react the same way, to have the same doubts?! So when I refuse doing something at the school, they say: "This is part of the method! You can't skip it!". But in my opinion, what I can't do is waste my time doing things that will improve nothing to my knowledge. That's what I think. And reading some articles of your website, I think we share the same opinion. You must follow the "student needs" and not the "needs of the course". Well If I decide to write about all things I liked on your website I would spend a hundred pages for doing so, and I've already wrote too much... Once more I'd like to say how gratefull I am to all of you that help us... People that is trying to learn English but facing difficulties of all kinds... Hugs!!! PS.: Don't pay attention at the mistakes of my text, please!!! hahahaha

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 Thank you guys!!!  –  Fabio Araujo  23/OUT/2003, 12:28 PM
Re: Thank you guys!!!  –  Stuffed turkey  23/OUT/2003, 3:43 PM

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