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Autor:  Valdecyr Rodrigues
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/OUT/2003 1:17 PM
Assunto:  One Obligor Principle
Mensagem:  Does anybody could help me with the translation into Portuguese of the following Law principle? Which word does better correspond to "Obligor"?

Definition: The "One Obligor Principle" is based on the assumption that the performance of part of a group of inter-related companies and/or persons might be influenced by (positive/negative) results of one or more other parts thereof.


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 One Obligor Principle  –  Valdecyr Rodrigues  24/OUT/2003, 1:17 PM
Re: One Obligor Principle  –  helcio  24/OUT/2003, 2:15 PM
Re: One Obligor Principle  –  Wagner  24/OUT/2003, 3:00 PM

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