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Autor:  mjr
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/OUT/2003 12:26 AM
Assunto:  Re: at the moment or in the moment
Mensagem:  at the moment simply refers to now i can't write a long answer because i am doing x, y z at the moment in the moment is (quite) a bit more unusual and strange (i will explain it in a moment) if someone tells you that they will do something "in a moment" it means after a short period or next i can't help thinking that though you have asked about in the moment you really mean in a moment - in a moment being a standard commonly encountered expression in the moment seems far more unusual and rarely encountered - it would however (if it were used) mean 'precisely at that time' (i suppose) and would usually be expressed as "at the moment" (please refer to a very exacting post i did a week or so back explaining in detail and with great precision and plagiarism the diffs betw in and at in both temporal and spatial senses - c'mon now don't be lazy!!) as a mothertongue speaker i cannot easily think of an occasion where i would be called upon to use the expression "in the moment" (apart from playing around with language or trying to say something unusual just for the heck of it) i'll have a go anyway ... my girlfriend came round and just in the moment when we were about get down to business, the phone rang ... na...doesn't really work - i'd avoid in the moment and stick with at the moment and i feel sure everything will run smoothly!!

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