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Autor:  Met Amb
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Data:  28/OUT/2003 2:26 AM
Assunto:  Re: Wish and Hope
Mensagem:  R D Graves Advanced English Practice pp 94-95

Unreal conditions (present time)

Wish, would rather, ‘d rather, It’s time + noun clause with past tense

The idea of something contrary to present fact is conveyed by the use of past tense in the conditional clause. We also use the past tense after the verb ‘wish’ (‘if only’ also expresses the wish of the speaker), and after expressions like I’d rather, I’d prefer and It’s time.

A I wish (that) I were rich! (If only I were rich!)
B I’d rather you told me frankly what you think.
C It’s time (It’s about time/ It’s high time) we left.

We never use the present or future forms after wish. We use either the past tense as illustrated above, or would (not will) to invite someone’s co-operation or to indicate that people or events frustrate our desires:

I wish you would hurry up.
I wish it would stop raining!
If only it would stop raining!


I hope it will stop raining soon

R D Graves Advanced English Practice pp 94-95

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