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Autor:  mrobertson
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/NOV/2003 10:06 AM
Assunto:  Re: Leave x Let
To leave something on the table, chair...

You are free to correct my sentence above. - Feel free to correct the above sentence.

A few examples follow:

1 - M Swan para 360


Let is followed by object + infinitive without to

I let them talk without interrupting
I didn’t let them know what I was thinking

Let can’t normally be used in passive sentences, instead we use allow (with a to infinitive)

After interrogation he was allowed/permitted to go home.

2 - M Swan para 323

Leave is listed amongst a group of about 40 verbs used in the following construction

Verb + object + infinitive

The are leaving the party to go home

3 - M Swan 323

Let is referred to in a list including make, see, feel , hear, watch, notice, have and know which are followed by object plus infinitive

I let him know the facts
I know him to be a very diligent student

4 - R D Graver section 144

Referring to let and make:

These two verbs are followed by an object + infinitive without to:

My neighbour let me borrow his ratchet set

5 - Snippets from a dictionary


- Allow, grant.

- Verb auxiliary supplying 1st 3rd persons of imperative in:

· exhortations : Let us pray; Let you me try now

· commands: Let it be done, Let them do it at once

· assumptions: Let AB be equal to CD

· permissions: Let him do his best

Noteable combinations listed include - let:

· alone, be, down, fall, go, loose, off, on, out, slip, up,


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