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Autor:  Miguel Vieira
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/DEZ/2006 8:25 PM
Assunto:  estere'otipos raciais

Pat, "criolo" has the same connotaction in Brazilian Portuguese as "nigger" has in English. And like you rightly noted here it has a different connotation. My people, for instance, proudly refer to themselves as "criolos". And I wonder if the brasilians didn't begin to associate "criolo" with blackness (the negative type) because of the Cape Verdeans students who described themselves as creolos thinking that term would distance them from being perceived as pretos. As a result, this pathetic attempt must have backfired, and thus "criolo" got its present negative connotation?


For you Brasilians in the forum, what do you think of this hypothetis of mine in regards to the etymology of "criolo"?


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