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Autor:  pat
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Data:  08/NOV/2003 11:32 AM
Assunto:  Re: Cognates
Mensagem:  Caro Jose, Certainly you are right that the majority of the Latin verbs of English are not nearly as commonly used as the Anglo-Saxon. However, some are quite common, almost as frequent in every-day use as the AS ones. Off-hand I can think of: Imagine Consider Combine Complete Decide Depend Excite Insist Limit Permit Plant Prepare Preserve Produce Now, of course I don't know how commonly used these are in Portuguese, but I don't believe any are 'false friends', at least. Consider this portion of a sentence I got from a Brazilian friend the other day: "Imagine se eu tiver de pegar-" Now I know that the command form is not the common way of using a verb in Portuguese, but still this is a native speaker using the verb in the exact same way as it is used in English. So it seems to me that there exists a group of verbs common to English and Portuguese that could be quite useful to the ESL student once they get used to the conjugation in English (and of course the pronounciation, but that goes for all cognates).

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