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Autor:  Gabriela
E-mail:  gelforever@hotmail.com
Data:  11/NOV/2003 3:37 PM
Assunto:  How to maintain my English?
Mensagem:  Hello? My name's Gabriela, I'm from Brazil and I've been in the USA for just 8 months. When I got here definitely I didn't speak anything in English, the only thing that I knew was: "Hi, how are you? and Bye". My English is still really poor because I don't have any grammar, but in a few months I've learned a lot. I'm as an Au pair and because this I have to go back to Brazil next March. I'm a little bit scared, I don't wanna forget what I've learned, I'm in love with this language. My question is: What should I do to continue learning English when I get home? I'd like to know which way I have to follow, because anybody in my house speak English and I don't have anybody that I can talk. Is it a good idea to study English in the university there? Which kind of class do I have to take? I hope that you guys understand my question and help me me! Anyway, thank's Gabriela Tomaz and sorry about my mistakes!

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