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Autor:  Alexander
E-mail:  lek1313hotwater@yahoo.com
Data:  11/NOV/2003 8:50 PM
Assunto:  Help !
Mensagem:  My dear friends,

My name is Alexander de Souza Fernandes.
Brazilian citizen, residing in Rio de Janeiro. I am 32
years old, I am sending this mail to all of
you,with a purpose of elucidating to you, about my
strenuous and tough, life story through the methods
of learning the English language thereby I have made a
big effort to master the language,which I am now fond
of ,and I have comitted a good part of my life in
order to acquire more knowledge.
As you may know life here in Brazil is not easy
for anybody.People actually need to have a strong will
of overcoming heaps of setback on their ways, which
affects all the layers of the society.
we are aware of day by day of the problems
faced out by the less priveledged,which the country
has been undergoing.I obviously notice:in my opinion
the biggest ploblem is social unequality, poverty
–struck people; and the great majority of them is
completely illiterate,without a sole mean of
expressing themselves and can not even be heard about
they think .It is a true ordeal for some of
them;living on the edge of dearth.
These people I consider outcasts who are
totally excluded,forgotten and also forsaken,
deprived of enjoying just simple previliges that a
citizen should have like: clean water, access to
education,appropiate environment for dwelling.These
people so called “ human beings” have entirely lost
this conotation in my point of view,because they are
not bestowed the right to live a decent life.”life
in its accurate sense of the word”.Who are the guilty
ones,the sistem that is full of flaws.
Our governors who do not know exactly how to cope
with and administer this country
effectively.Although,the country has a lot of
contrasts and they do not pursue and do not make their
proposals be really accomplished.This sort of issues
make me get the blues inmensely;impotent and dreadful
for what might come if the world carries on like
that.This lack of altruism is choking towards our
brothers who are impared, injured and have nobody to
rely on .”Hope is a word banished from the minds of so
many so called “human beings”.
The unequal income distribution is another aweful
problem.,very serious ;indeed,let alone the constant
violence that scatters throughout,and there is no
controll over it anylonger attributed to the bonds of
the penitenciary sistem and also the many laws which
are not fullfilled .Sometimes ; I brood over,regarding
these subjects.
I try to discover and even wonder which are the
maily factors that lead a bloke with such wierd
behaviours,commit crimes cold-blooded and do such
outrageous and hedious acts.Without even measuring the
further consequences.These individuals`lives Seem
meaningless.Will it be money more relevant than lay
their heads on one’s pillows and doze off a
soothing,balming nigth.
Amidst all these comflicts whose should mopped up
from the face of the earth.Here, I find myself ,not
hopelessly,but despite all the hot water.I firmly
believe that things will get better,because I am an
eternal visionary.It sounds a utopia for so
many.Therefore; I do my utmost.
Now ,I would like to go straight to the point why
I wrote this mail.I have been learnimg English,since I
was 10 years old always making a great effort .At
that time everything started out for an attraction
that I felt for my English teacher.She was blonde,tall
and had a stunning good smell. Whenever she entered
the class,all the eyes were quickly lured onto her.She
was actually beautiful,that blue –eyed woman;
curly-haired would startle us.My passion was snapshot
,everyday I tried to get nearer so as to fell
the scent , of that dyzzy fragrance,closer I was able
to hear that raucous voice.Uttering the English words
with sophistication really would make me feel on a
state of nirvana,that teacher actually captivated
me,enticed me to the English learning.
The English language brought about a sort of
stimulae and made me aware that I have a huge
potencial yet to be explored.Besides English,I
have been learning French,Spanish and also Italian.I
am sure that I am getting along well.Today, after all
these years of burning midnight oil.I have not felt
very satisfied.Regarding all my process of learning
and also with relation to my carrier as an English
teacher.My professiomal situation is not settled down,
here , I am unemployed ,making a living of odd jobs,
that barely gives to cover my expences at home,because
I live alone.I made up my mind I had to make it alone
in order to learn English through the most rustic
ways.By borrowing trashbare books entirely stale,but
that did not mind at all,I was fully prone to the
language learning ,bent on learning at all costs; the
language that I dearly love.
So many peole say that there must be an unknown
reason for someone to learn a language without
attemding to a course,which represents no merit for
me and this is not something that I should brag about
or feel proud of and better than the others.
The only thing that makes me get into the dumps,
that I can mention ,it is because I did not attend to
any course of English,and I do not have any diploma of
proficiency in the english language. In fact,it is
actually nowadays something that clogs up my way on
teaching English wherever,and above all it makes me
fully baffled with this situation.By the time that
started out learning English. My father, unfortunately, could not make both ends meet and had no finacial
resources to back me up,and the majority of courses
was unaffordable. I have been, by all means,trying to
obtain some kind of aid from someone,whether
institutions,so as I may gain any support to carry on
studying.Some three years ago I tried “cpe” from
Cambridge University, but I did not manage.It was hard
to pay the register ,the preparatory course as well
I could not afford either. I remained just one month
attending the preparatory course. Eventually,as was
expected I failed, because of lack of preparation.
By the present time. I have a lots of plans on
teaching English privately,but I have no conditions of
purchasing methods for teaching.I would like to have a
lend of hand from you all ,if you have any
available,shelved,layed aside materials that you do
not make use anylonger. Methods containing the basic
of English,intermediate and advanced ones,with tapes
would be fairly useful for me.please send me these
sort of
material. I will be inmensely thankful.
Talking about any kind of help ,concerning to
arrange a schoolarship at any centres of deliverance
of the cambridge exams, here in Brasil for “Cpe” or
“Cae” exams.whether it is in your reach.I hope to
hear a positive reply. I have already tried to run
after all sort of assistance here in
Brazil.Unfortunately, it seems impossible,for I
believe that the country where I live does not grant
stimulae to culture, but through a godfather. Who
Kind regards to all.

My e-mail is: alexanderj@ibest.com.br, alessander.fernandes@bol.com.br, lek13hotwater@yahoo.com.br.

My address: Rua Osmany Coelho e Silva bairro-realengo n19
Cep:21770260 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Telephone number: 0055 21-3337-4369

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