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Autor:  helcio
E-mail:  helcio99@hotmail.com
Data:  11/NOV/2003 10:56 PM
Assunto:  Re: Help !
Mensagem:  Alexander, what is it that you need exactly? you can find some printable worksheets and handouts to give your students on the net; besides, there's a lot of free websites that offer listening, reading ,writing and grammar exercises. Log on to www.yahoo.com, then type English grammar or whatever in the search bar, and get plenty of information for free at one click of the mouse.Anyway, you can buy some books at secondhand stores for a reasonable price somewhere downtown Rio. That's what I've been doing here in Sao Paulo over the last couple of years. Life can be tough, I know that, but there's always a way to beat the odds. I've got something else to tell you: I appreciate all the effort you've made to learn English, and all the hard times you've been through and so on, but don't you think it's time you left that all behind ...let's cut to the chase: there's lots of things you can do to get started on teaching or improving your English. For starters, you've learned English by yourself, and that's amazing. You've already accomplished a lot, but take your time now. There's a couple of things you can do: go to the US Consulate or the American Chamber of Commerce in Rio and ask them about the possibility of getting a scholarship, a grant, etc. Go to a local language center and ask them to let you attend some classes as an auditor; see for yourself what it takes to be there up front. Try to find a Cultura Inglesa branch in Rio, and attend their cultural events, like theater plays, movie sessions... they're informative, interesting and you'll have he chance to meet teachers you might make friends with , who knows...you can ask for newspapers , magazines and tapes at the American Consulate ( you can do it here in Sao Paulo) for free. There's even a damn good reference library at the consulate, where you could do some studying. All you need to do is provide the consulate with a copy of an electricity bill and/or your ID card. What's your educational background ? The most important thing to do is set the goal of self-improvement. I work with this teacher that's pretty self-taught, too, and he's way good, I'd say. He's never been to an English-speaking country, but he can deliver the goods, I mean, he can meet the expectations at the levels he's been given. Living abroad can be such an amazing personal experience, but that doesn't mean you're able to teach. Good teaching takes time, experience, dedication...dude, try to get yourself into a training course first. I can guarantee you'll learn a lot from your own experience. Send out resumes, go to language schools until you get the chance to go on an interview. I know how hard it can be to get a job without a certificate. As soon as you get a position, commit yourself to getting a certificate such as Toefl . Some schools will even pay for the subscription fees, especially those who offer teachers a career plan, that is, chances to move up on your career based on merit or seniority. Something to remember: you can download zillions of lesson plans from the New York Times website (www.nytimes.com). All you need to do is sign up for their free service and that's all. Store them on a floppy disk, then ask a friend of yours to get the printouts for you, if you don't have a printer, or you can go to a cyber cafe or a copy place and pay cheap for the printouts ( somewhere around 30 cents a page ). Another idea: some language centers and publishing companies give teachers free workshops and a certificate at the end of the day/week. Although a certificate isn't much evidence for English knowledge or fluency, you can at least have something valuable on your resume to apply for a teaching position at a local school and feel good about yourself . Believe me, it's a dog-eat-dog situation out there, but you've got to believe you can turn things around, and I'm sure that's where you stand. So, keep on taking your chances. If anything, you can always count on me for further information or grammar tips. Good luck, buddy....helcio

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