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Autor:  Alexander
E-mail:  lek13hotwater@yahoo.com
Data:  14/NOV/2003 8:05 PM
Assunto:  Re: Help !
Mensagem:  Dear friend Freddy, Probably, no, certainly. You don't have the same need that I do. I am sure you were raised in lap of luxury, that is why in my point of view the only way that you can express yourself is by criticizing instead of making something construtive. I think in my opinion that you are some of them, &"so called human beings with that little thing that is lacking in the great majority &"Altruism&" I am quite certain that this simple word is out of your dictionary.Let me tell you something else the expression is &"face the music&"as far as I can see you don't keep up with the site.I think that this site is so amazing,it actually enriches our English it's for people who are willing to learn English ,because they love.I give you an advice &" make hay while the sun shines in your life&"or &"strike while iron is hot&" sometimes we find ourselves up there,but at other times we can be down at the bottom is not a curse ,because I was brought in very simple family, but I was given ANd taught at the same time many virtues.As you certainly have got a computer at home And haven't got I come to an university that I am not a student, where I am allowed to get into so as can be able to use the computer. Certainly, you are very at ease in front of your computer. That's is why you waste out your time to send this message so empty.you should at least try to grow up as a person willing just to broaden up your horizons and acquire knowledge. I would certainly &"pay the monkey&" .......... as you said and I would repeat my text as may times that I might, because I am not harming anyone and not even whimpering. If can not tide someone over.I get in mine,I wouldn't ever do what you did by doing what you did it shows what you may be. I found out this site at random and I am really fortunate to share with my fellows all the knowledge that we get. I am open up to make new brand friends. I fully respect everybody's ideas, I am greatly thankful to the designers of this site. You are, indeed; blessed ones. We are what we think. We think; soon we exist. Thanks a lot freddy, all the critisizms are welcome.

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