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Autor:  helcio
E-mail:  helcio99@hotmail.com
Data:  19/NOV/2003 12:24 AM
Assunto:  Re: pronunciation (we're, you're )
Mensagem:  well, there's a lot of English dialects and accents, and each variation reflects the cultural identity of people that live in a certain region or belong in a social group; hence, a lot has been talked about language variations as Spanglish, Ebonics, Cockney or Estuary English among others. What I really mean is that these speech differences should be respected, cause the so-called &"standard English&" is something at least controversial, especially because some people think that only the others speak dialects, while EVERYBODY does, in a sense that when we speak, we all put across not only thoughts and words, but also our own cultural, regional or social identity, and I think that's is the most beautiful thing in a language. So it doesn't matter if you learned English in Amarillo, Seattle, New York, Sydney , Toronto or Belfast, because all these accents/dialects ARE English and are all worth studying. This &"standard thing&" is just a matter of CONVENTION, and each English-speaking country has its own grammar rules, vocabulary words, whose differences may be in spelling, pronunciation or whatever makes an accent stand out. In my opinion, no accent is better or more correct than another...it's all about choice or preference. Ask yourselves this question: what accent is the best, the most correct one in Brazil? If you do have an answer based on Linguistics, send it to Chomsky or Saussure somewhere on the other side. If not, just accept that all language variations might make a language much more fun and interesting to learn or even much richer.

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