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Autor:  helcio
E-mail:  helcio99@hotmail.com
Data:  19/NOV/2003 11:24 AM
Assunto:  Re: Rule for ING
Mensagem:  Is there any rule for doubling the letters before using ING? I know some Consonant-Vowel-Consonant double the last letter, but when do I double? For instance: ruNNing and opeNing. ??? You double the final consonant before adding the suffixes ING and ED (verbs) and others, when: 1. Monosyllables (one-syllable verbs) have a (consonant)+consonant+vowel+consonant pattern: run-running, swim-swimming, stop-stopped 2. Disyllables (two-syllable verbs) are stressed on their last syllable: beGIN -beginning, preFER- preferred, reFER- referral Otherwise, the letter doesn't double: BUry - burying, buried 3. Verbs that end in -l have different spellings, depending on the country: travel- traveling or travelling cancel- canceling or cancelling 4. verbs that end have the pattern (c)c+v+y or w don't double their last letters because Y and W aren't consonants at the end of words: their GLIDES; therefore, the rule doesn't apply: play - playing, mow-mowing. Glides are sounds that, together with the preceding or following vowel, form a unit called DIPHTHONG or TRIPHTHONG, and the y/w spelling is ONE of the possible spellings for the sound: mow &"mou&"- boat &"bout&"= same sound, different spelling: ow/oa stay &"steI&" - bait &"beit&"= same sound, diffent spelling: ay/ai

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