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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  pensacola-beachcomber@cox.net
Data:  23/NOV/2003 7:55 PM
Assunto:  Re: entrevista para obtenção de visto- to Tom
Mensagem:  Okay. Understood. Why don't you come on a student visa? Does your university have an exchange program with any school in the USA? Are you aware of the Rotary Club International Exchange Program (high school and university students live with an American family for a school year)? How about just matriculating at an American School for an ESL course and maybe audit some regular courses? I'm writing from Pensacola in Florida. This is a tourist area. From April to October there is a serious shortage of help in hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. The Pensacola Junior College has a very good ESL program because there are so many student pilots and navigators here from other countries. Their families take the ESL courses. Pensacola is also home to the University of West Florida, Pensacola Christian College and branches of other universities. I had lunch yesterday at a local restaurant. The waitress was named Mônica. From Recife, she came to the US as a tourist and ended up marrying a guy. She had five years of higher education studying economics. At the Federal University in Recife she was shot in the chin when three assaltantes were trying to kidnap her. They wanted to kidnap any student and then claim the ransom. After she got out of the hospital her parents decided to give her some down time and sent her on a trip to the US. Now she has a little girl, works to help her husband pay the mortgage and is doing well. Of course, she really misses her family in Recife but the trauma of the attempted kidnapping sort of balances the scale. She is one of hundreds of Brazilians in this area. There is another method used by some people to get to the states to study. They come on a visa to study at a religious college. Many missionary groups love to send people to study at their college because they think it gives the student a chance to become better involved in their religion. These students then return to Brazil, finish the university, get a job, get married, etc.....lead a normal life but, because they became such better Christians they help the missionaries and are proactive in that religion for the rest of their lives. The problem there is you have to belong to a church, have to get the scholarship, etc, etc. It might not be the right thing for everyone. It has been my experience (in the Consulates of Rio and São Paulo and at the Embassy in Brasilia) that people who want to go to the states to improve their English have a much higher chance of getting a visa than someone who want to go to learn English. If you say "I'm good and I want to be better. I want to be the best when I enter the workforce after I graduate from the university." then you are demonstrating a long term plan.....go to the US and then come back to use your skills. One of the key items a consular officer or official looks for is roots and reasons why a person would come back to their home country rather than staying past the expiration date of the visa. To start off with, if you overstay your visa it's really hard to ever get another one in the same category. People who have no trouble getting a visa usually have a means of support while they are in school and a reason to return (i.e., accept a job where their new skills are required; finish the university; enter graduate school, etc). Hope this helps, Tom

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